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In addition to a personal licence which entitles you to use our resources in your own events, you will also be eligible for discounts, a Learning Credits account, a free Learning Page and unlimited access and use of the resources shown below. No subscriptions, no download fees - only a one-off licence fee.

Icebreakers and Exercises

Learning ResourcesOver 100 icebreakers, exercises and brain teasers and - where appropriate - variations, solutions, handouts, support materials, learning points, graphics, programs and video clips.


The icebreakers cover: Awareness, Communication, Creativity, Facilitation, Games, Grouping, Introductions, Management, Perception, Puzzles, Problem Solving, Reinforcement and Working Together.

Learning Resources and Training Materials

Learning ResourcesOver 100 resources including articles, handouts, learning materials, programs, spreadsheets and other tools.


Resources include: Definition of Learning, Learning Transfer, Benchmarking Training, Developing and Delivering Training, Learning Transfer, Measures of Training, Preparing a Training Budget, Training in Foreign Languages and Cultures, Training Networks, Training Philosophy and Policies, Using Managers and Others to Deliver Training, Policy Deployment, The Use of Competencies in Employee Development, Brainstorming, Consensus, Delphi Consultation Process, Effective Reading, Memorizing Numbers, Stress Management, Time Management, Coaching Tips, Contingency Planning, Dealing with Difficult Behaviour, Decision-making Styles, Discussion Leading, Giving Feedback, Keeping Meetings on Track, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Monitoring and Intervening, Questioning Techniques, Writing Behavioural Objectives, Almanacs, International Holidays and Country Information, Risk Attitude Questionnaire, Seating Plans, Skills Matrix, Task Analysis program, Trainers' checklists...


Learning ResourcesA fully-searchable database of over 400 Learning and Development quotations. Search by word or phrase. Browse by author or category. Categories include: Accountability, Anger, Change, Concepts, Confidence, Conflict, Contentment, Culture, Customers, Education, Efficiency, Education, Excellence, Happiness, Leadership, Learning, Life, Philosophy. Planning, Problem Solving, Progress, Self, Stress, Success, Time, Training and Wisdom.


Anecdotes and Fables

Over twenty anecdotes and fables to help you make learning points.


Free Learning Page

Membership entitles you to a free Learning Page with:
  • a prestigious URL (e.g. learningpages.org/coaching),
  • a listing in our LearningPages.org directory,
  • free linking or free hosting.

Offers and Discounts

A free copy of Managing the Training Process (sold in our shop for £25).
50% discount on advertising, webpage design.

A Learning Credits account

When you buy a Gold Licence you will be given a unique account number with a balance of 25 Learning Credits (worth £2.50). You can use these credits in full or part payment when you shop at LearningPages.org. You will also earn an additional Learning Credit for every complete £ that you spend on books, subscriptions and other learning resources. When you get to the checkout, enter your account email address and account number. Your Learning Credit balance will be deducted from the total and the LCs you earn will be credited to the your account.

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