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A micropayment is a financial transaction involving a very small sum of money and usually occurs online.

They are increasingly being used to fund websites because advertising is being blocked and people don't want to donate large amounts. I'm not surprised that more people are using advertisement blockers because avertising is becoming more and more intrusive.

Even though I try to keep the advertising on my own website as unintrusive as possible, it doesn't stop the blockers affecting my site. This puts me in bit of a paradox because on the one hand, I want to continue moving towards free content and free applications but on the other hand, I have to pay for the website to be hosted and developer fees for the free applications that I write.

It is for these reasons,that I have decided to give Flattr micropayments a try. The way it works is that contributors first add an extension to their browsers. They then decide on how much they would like to contribute each month. Flattr records the number of times you visit participating websites and your monthly payment is proportionately shared out between these websites.


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