Learning News

Two New Icebreakers
Two more free icebreakers have been added to our icebreaker collection.

Learning to Learn e-Course
It is difficult to think of many skills as important as the ability to learn. We all have this ability, but you can make your own learning more effective by understanding some basic principles and applying proven hints and tips that are to be found in our free e-course.

Managing the Training Process eBook
My book on the training process is now available as an online eBook.

Micropayments are increasingly being used to fund websites because advertising is being blocked and people don't want to donate large amounts.

More Free Training Resources
As previously mentioned, we are providing more free content, resources and applications. Now you can have a say in what resource will be the next to be made free of charge.

New Resource
The latest resource to be added to our resource collection is 'Training in Foreign Languages and Cultures'.

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