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Books by Mike Wills

Developing and Delivering Training (eResource) [PDF]
Learn how to develop and deliver a training session. This resource describes how to define the subject, describe the aims, obtain subject matter expertise, describe the students, identify course content, structure course content, 89K, 21 pages, MWLS, 2000.

Johari Window [PDF]
The process of communicating - of transacting with others - is one of the most important elements of our lives. 8 pages, MWLS, 2005.

Learning to Learn [PDF]
You can make your own learning - and that of your organization - more effective by understanding some basic principles and applying the proven hints and tips that are to be found in the six chapters of this eBook: 16 pages, MWLS, 2005.

Management By Objectives [PDF]
Management By Objectives (MBO) was first suggested by Peter Drucker in 1954 and popularized through the efforts of George Odiorne, John Humble and others. 3 pages, 7 pages, MWLS, 2001.

Managing the Training Process (2nd Edition) [Hardback]
A comprehensive guide to managing all aspects of training - from programme creation to implementation and evaluation. The book's structure is driven by a series of flow charts. 321 pages, Gower, Maidenhead, 1998.

MWLS Gold - Personal Licence [Licence]
Provides unlimited online access to high-quality training materials and other learning resources. 0 pages, MWLS, 2002.

Web Package Renewal [eResource]
MWLS web hosting package will be due for renewal. 0 pages, MWLS, 2012.

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