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Over the years management gurus’ insights have evolved into many “Laws of Management”. Below, you will find what I believe to be the top ten. Please respond to this article if you know of any laws you think should have made it to the “Top Ten”.

1. Harvey’s Abilene Paradox

"People in committees agree on decisions which as individuals they know are stupid."

2. The Peter Principle

"Hierarchies promote people so that they wield their greatest influence at a level where they are incompetent."

3. Parkinson’s Laws

"Work expands to fill the time available." "Expenditure rises to overtake income."

4. Mangham’s Muffler

"When communicating to superiors, new news is always bad news."

5. Godel’s Garbler

"No system can be comprehensive without being self-contradictory." 

6. Schein’s Syndrome

"Internal politics flourish at the customers’ expense as an organisation's exposure to the market decreases.""

7. Thurow’s Tyranny

"Producers' interests prevail over consumers' interests."

8. Mars’ Boomerang

"Control antagonism creativity."

9. Macauley’s Transfer

"Initiative declines with increasing ease of internal communication.""

10. Carew’s Axe

"In any redundancy exercise, the victims will be the people easiest to sack regardless of their working effectiveness."

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