Quotients and Remainders

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Dividing one number (the dividend) by another number (the divisor) to give a whole number (the quotient) and a remainder is fairly straightforward. However, it is easy to make a mistake, so I wrote a Python script to help me avoid errors…

. . .

import math
run = 1

print("n>>>>>>> Quotients and Remainders <<<<<<<n")

while(run == 1):
  strDividend = input("Enter a number (dividend): ")
  strDivisor = input("Enter a divisor: ")
  dividend = int(strDividend)
  divisor = int(strDivisor)
  quotient = math.trunc(dividend/divisor)
  print("Quotient = " + str(quotient))
  remainder = dividend - (quotient * divisor)
  print("Remainder = " + str(remainder))

run = int(input("1. Continue\n2. Quit \n\n"))

if run == 2:

. . .

This script is designed for working in a console environment.

I have, for a long time, wanted to run Python scripts on my websites. This is because I prefer to write programs in Python. This meant I had to rewrite my Python scripts in Javascript — the only client-side programming language that browsers support.

I’ve tried using Flask and other similar solutions, but I haven’t been able to get on with them.

I was about to give up on running Python on my websites when I came across Run Python Code on Websites: Exploring Brython by Kaustubh Gupta. I found his program for getting song lyrics particularly helpful for understanding Brython.

See Quotients and Remainders to see how I managed to get a version of the above script running on my website. You can use your browser to show the source of the page. This will show you how it works.

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