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iPhone and iPad Applications

Up to now, there haven't been iPhone and iPad versions of our online programs. In future, the online programs will be available as iOS 'web apps'. Web apps run on the web - rather than on your device - like 'native apps'. For all intents and purposes, web apps look and run like native apps - the main difference being that all web apps require an Internet connection. This is not as big a drawback as it might first seem because the majority of native apps also need an Internet connection.

The reason why I decided to develop web apps rather than native apps is because you have to enrol in the Apple developer program in order to distribute native apps.

I tried to enrol in the developer program but I kept on getting the message: 'Please contact Apple support to complete you enrolment'. When I contacted Apple support, I got the following response: 'for one or more reasons, your enrolment in the Apple Developer Program could not be completed. We are unable to continue with your enrolment at this time.' I contacted Apple support again saying that I needed to know what the reasons are, I was given exactly the same response.

I suspect that Apple are unwilling to share the share the reasons with me because they are still having problems with their servers. This is supported by press reports and the fact that I kept on getting 'unknown errors' when I tried to sign up for a completely different service.

Native apps can only be accessed on the Apple store after they have been approved by Apple. Although this is a very good thing for security, it can be a very lengthy process.

Apple charges developers nearly £80 a year to be enrolled in the developer program. When I signed up for the Google developer program, I made a one-off payment of $25.

30 March 2022

Around the World

Around the World, our latest puzzle, asks which part of a ship travels furthest on a world cruise? Log in/sign up to see the solution.

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29 March 2022

Risk Types and Attitudes

Our first in a series of psychology articles is now available for members to preview. It covers people's different approaches to risk.

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22 March 2022

Article Previews

Up to now, article previews have been for completed articles. I am now going to trial previews of draft articles which will be very much 'work in progress'. The first draft is 'How Long is the Training Process' and can be viewed by logging in.

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16 March 2022

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