About Learning Pages


The Learning Pages project is the creation of an advert-free site which provides free, online learning resources for learners, trainers and educators. It has been motivated by the desire that learning should not be lost.

This project is in its early stages so only a limiter number of resources are currently available. More resources are being added regularly. If you would like to access a greater number of resources, please visit my existing site - MWLS.com

As well as the usual resources you would expect on a site that is dedicated to educating, training and learning, you will also find resources that reflect my personal learning journey.

If you would like to support this project, you can:

  1. Purchase PDF or eBook versions of some of the articles
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  3. Donate with microdonations (please go to flattr.com/@LearningPages and sign up for a contributor account. Before doing so, you might like to read my article on Flattr Microdonations
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