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"A leader is best when people scarcely know he exists. Not so good when they kindly obey and acclaim him. Worse when they despise him.
Fail to honour people, they fail to honour you. But of a good leader, who talks little, when his work is done and his aim fulfilled, they will say: ‘We did this ourselves."

Lao-Tzu (c. 550 B.C.–)

"Leadership appears to be the art of getting others to want to do something that you are convinced should be done."

Vance Packard (1914–1996)

"Like excellence, leadership is a familiar concept but hard to define because it so complex... It is one of the most observed but least understood phenomena on earth. However, leaders need to be developed at every level of the organisation to provide organisation-enhancing innovation and change. Avoid training people in 'leadership traits' which sound like thay are taken from the Girl Scouts' Oath. Managers should identify those with an extra bit of 'spark' and help them move on beyond being contributors to become leaders."

Gerald Egan

"Catch people doing something right."

Ken Blanchard (1939–)

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